They Will Be Mine…

Milking Dairy Goats book

I finally got this book in the mail yesterday. It’s torn. It’s tattered. But it’s here. And I only paid $1 for it. A little over two years ago Kerstin and I sat down with a legal pad, our bank statements and a bottle of wine. We let fly all of our dreams for our future together. The pattern that we saw emerge was life on a small farm with enough space to grow most of our own food, keep several beehives, and raise a small herd of goats for yogurt, cheese and milk.  We made a five year plan and we’ve been saving money hand over fist to stay on schedule. With only three years left, I decided that I darn well better

start learning how to raise goats. This book came highly recommended.

To be honest, I’ve never been particularly good with animals. Keeping a barnyard full of goats freaks me out a bit. But the things that take the most courage are usually the best things to be doing. Besides, this book has pretty incredible illustrations and detailed instructions on how to feed, birth and administer first aid to goats. So far, I’m partial to the Toggenburg variety. Carl Sandburg kept a herd of them, so they must work well for poets. :)

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